Shilpa F D'Mello

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I always knew I wanted to write. But figuring out what kind of writing I should do and would be good at, took some time. Choosing English Literature as my graduation subject at St. Xavier’s, was the right beginning. But after that, I went on to do my journalism at XIC. Wrong choice! Should have chosen FTII. Did tons of freelance journalism, only to realize I was not a good journalist. Rephrase – I was a bad one! Next choice, content writing! Again, did lot of freelance work, worked with a lot of websites, including, Cut to a few years later, I realize… nah! This isn’t it! So, I quit. Having no idea what ill do next. A good friend,( bless her!) suggested I write anchor scripts for a TV show. I was nervous as hell, but turns out, I did a fabulous job. My first ‘ghanti baji’ moment. Another good friend, BLESS HER, got me a stint at Balaji Telefilms as an intern. 3 months of writing and it happened… the Eureka moment! Fiction is what I need to do. Phew!

Cut to… 15 years later, I’ve done 20+ shows, (screenplay and/or dialogues), a short film for TV, wrote and directed a short film of my own, authored two books for Magna Publishing. And as if someone was telling me, ‘der aaye durust aaye’, I was nominated for the Best Screenplay Award for Beyhadh (Sony Entertainment Television), in the Indian Television Academy Awards 2017. Yeay!

So as you’ve guessed it, the ‘Yeay’ comes after a lot of trial and error, falling and getting up, proving myself with every episode I write, everyday! And that’s why I’ll say it again… YEAY!!